Video and stills from the April 6th, 2019 FAN-PAC Rally to demand a vote on the Shared Parenting Bills A1091 &S273.

The Video above is from the April 6th Rally in Newark, NJ. Why Rally? To demand a vote for Bill A1091 & S273. We have almost 25% of the State Legislature signed on as cosponsors of the 50/50 Shared Parenting bill. Why because what legislator wouldn’t want to be associated with a bill that prevents child abuse? That’s what this bill does. More specifically it prevents children from being used as weapons in divorce court but that’s the double edged sword. As you listen to our speakers you’ll begin to understand the problem. We need Senator Sweeney to allow these bills to be voted on. They will pass because they deserve to pass. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR TODAY.