The Current Crisis is Nothing New for Family Court Victims.

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If you’ve been thru family court, you have a healthy distrust for government or you should. I’ve run in to some who don’t understand that there was never a chance you would get justice in the family court. Either spouse can violate the marriage covenant without accountability. No Fault divorce ensures that. Whoever gets the temporary restraining order in first gets the upper hand. Attorneys convince you that destroying your soon to be ex is the only way to prevent (him or her) from destroying you. Because the 5th amendment is not recognized you must testify against yourself. If you don’t you will go to jail. Systemic injustice is a real thing. Systemic injustice is color blind. I must admit that until they started violating my rights, I really didn’t know what my rights were.

So now I find an intense desire to write to everyone who wants to tell me to go get my shot. By the way, I’m not saying I didn’t get it. I’m supposed to have a right to privacy. I just don’t want you to tell me or anyone else to trust the government. I’m tired of atheists telling me I’m not loving my neighbor. I’m what? You’re going to tell me I’m hurting my neighbor? I want to help you understand why that is not true.

With all due respect and prayers for anyone you know that has been sick I am going to share with you why you need to stop attacking folks who don’t want to vaccinate. Besides the fact that they may be the one’s caring for you if the vaccination harms you.

Many progressives and big government proponents want to know, “why is it such a big deal?” Even if it’s safe to take, and half of the danger is removed we still are in danger of losing even more privacy. I believe we have to hold the line somewhere and that somewhere should have been over a year ago when we were told, “two weeks to flatten the curve”. It comes down to a lot of inconsistent information about a vaccine that’s not really a vaccine. I’m not saying it’s any of those exaggerated what if’s progressives like to say we’re afraid of. I’m not saying the danger is even know. Here’s a bunch of reasons not to trust these politicians and their arm jab.

1. Vaccines by definition provide immunity, these jabs reduce the severity once you get it. THEY DO NO STOP TRANSMISSION OR INFECTION.

2. It’s experimental and unapproved for regular use by government entities.

3. If you are harmed or killed your spouse can’t sue the manufacturers or hold them accountable in any way. (Is that the immunity they refer to?)

4. Even if you could hold these companies accountable they have horrible track records.

5. The media and the Whitehouse have admitted to violating the 1st amendment in collusion with social media to suppress information about the vaccine.

6. “Vaxxed” people still get it.

7. There’s not one case of a person who had Covid twice showing worse or equal symptoms the 2nd time showing natural immunity works quite well.

8. If there are dangers this government won’t report it, or they will report it late.

9. With a 99.74% survival rate there’s no reason for the panic or the hype or a vaccine except when you consider politicians committed this money (to buy the vaccine) a long time ago and it probably looks bad if we don’t take it. Please blame Trump for that, I’m with you because if Trump won, the left wouldn’t be taking the shot. Kamala and Sleepy Joe are both on video saying that before the election.

10. Covid deaths are hugely over reported. The way deaths are reported changed. I won’t over exaggerate but you know what I’m talking about.

11. Fauci has been caught lying and changing his story and he is not being held accountable despite Senator Paul’s latest efforts. We pray for justice.

12. Censorship, especially when it comes to scientific debate is the new normal. Science does not speak, Scientists do. In today’s post-Covid world, only the scientists with the prevailing opinions get to speak.

And you may say, (as many have), trust the science, everyone wants to do the right thing. NO, THEY DO NOT, NOR HAVE THEY!!!

So, my progressive friends (R’s and D’s) (and I don’t disagree with them) have been telling me all these government and NGO’s are out to get us. (And many of these are true, some are exaggerated, but this is what I’ve had shoved in my ears prior to the total hypocrisy, saying I’m not loving my neighbor unless I take the jab. Here’s some of what they told me.

– Big Corporations are poisoning our food, poisoning our lakes, and causing a global climate crisis (first warming then cooling, now just change in general).

– Government stole land from innocent people, ranchers, Indians, and others with no due process or redress (4th and 1st amendments). (Technically the Feds aren’t allowed to own land outside of Washington DC or military bases = but according to the constitution those are supposed to be rented from the States.)

– Everyone’s a racist!! As long as they are of a specific skin color that isn’t the one we want revenge for. (I’ll just not add to that comment)

And now you say trust these people when they are obviously hiding information and admitting to suppressing information via social media (1st Amendment)

But what about those oppressed peoples? You know there was a lot of shady evil acts committed. You really expect them to trust the government?

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment – 1932 – 1972 – They gave syphilis to black men who had no idea that’s what they were doing to them!!

I read the following and I’m going to say this may be evidence that skin color impacts wisdom.

“The average African American cannot give you details of Tuskegee,” Frederick noted. “Their mistrust is of institutions, of government institutions, of law enforcement, and that mistrust spreads across our community.” – Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick

(Some troll’s going to call me a racist because they don’t get the irony there.)

One of my favorite news sources, Steve Deace once said, (paraphrased) We are not a nation of laws, we are a nation of political will.

I know from personal experience that we don’t follow our own laws. Ask anyone who’s been to family court. First they violated my 4th and 1st amendment rights, kept my daughter from me for 3+ years before I had due process kick in. Again, they denied my expert witnesses making evidence of child abuse hearsay. (Because that’s how it works). Now I’m an indentured servant to the woman who abused, brainwashed, and stole my child who I haven’t seen in 6 years, 2 months, and 19 days. She spent over a quarter of a million dollars in court to manipulate the courts into violating any rights I foolishly thought I had. She then spent $30,000 for transcripts to drag me thru appeals court because lifetime support wasn’t enough. The court issue is still unsettled. And I am probably hurting myself by posting this. I’m crushing my search engine ratings and giving my ex-ammunition to drag me back into court if she wants.  I just can’t stand to see this anymore.  I can take anyone who tells me to trust the government with patience because I know they are ignorant of the total depravity of man and the Godlessness of this generation.  But now they are wielding their ignorance like a weapon.  Pointing finger, screaming like a boarding school snowflake.  They make wild accusation and politicians listen for opportunities to cash in on their fear.   

And the winds of political will change directions faster than ever. Whatever they think they can get away with.

The truth is this was a great treatment for the elderly and others who are at high risk but if you tell me I’m hurting your chance at survival because I didn’t take the shot? That just means you are brainwashed and don’t understand logic.  Tell me I’m hurting you if half the information shared above is true.   

If you’re not aware, there’s no punctuation in the original copies of the Bible. Emphasis was shown by repetition. The most often repeated commandment in the Bible is “Fear Not”. Over 365 times. (Probably closer to 500 depending on interpretation) but do you get the point? Fear of Man is SIN. We should fear no man and fear only God alone.  That should bring you great comfort if you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior.   

I pray you receive this response with the love and concern I have for everyone in our nation including you. Thank you for encouraging me, those of you about to be abused by your government.  Sadly our government is overwhelmingly controlled by a secular worldview. Until we bring back God in the public square, the public school and the public forum, there will be no justice.


Written by Joe Gormley, July 27, 2021


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