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Mark 12:17 - Jesus said to them, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." And they marveled at him.

The family was God's idea. God has some very strong opinions about fatherhood, marriage, divorce and children. Should we be surprised at the amount of brokenness surrounding fatherhood and marriage when instead of rendering these things to God we render them to Caesar.

God demonstrates his love for us by showing us the love of a father. Jesus calls God the Father, Abba. The word "Abba" packs the familiarity of the word Daddy. We can not allow our culture to dispose of Fatherhood.

Our purpose is to engage the culture, support change, and minister to families with a focus on the inadequately reported attacks on Fatherhood.

Our Story


I was praying the other night with a group of men from my church.  I asked for prayer regarding this website and how to serve thru it.  One of the men lifted up the issue and he prayed for "Fathers to do the right thing".  This was a very close friend of mine who didn't realize the implication behind his prayer.  I think it makes a great point about the misconception that this site wants to address.



The common misconception is that millions of "deadbeat Dads" don't want to care for their families.  This is not true.  Are there some?  Sure.  Overwhelmingly Father's who try to keep their family's together find a system that is not designed to help them.  Family's are being torn apart by a system broken by sin.  Dad's are struggling to keep their marriages and their children from falling apart with no help to be found.  The false assumption is that the family courts are designed to help family's stay together.  In most cases the family courts primary role is to split up all assets as equitably and quickly as possible.  Sometimes its the mothers who are attacked but the system usually shows bias in one direction with disregard for justice or concern for keeping the family together.

Kids need fathers.  Mommies need Daddy's.  Families in America deserve a system that protects families by following the constitution, the  Bill of Rights and the Bible.

Our Approach


LETS TALK ABOUT IT / What you will hear on our podcast.

Does the state value fatherhood? Does God?

Are your marriage vows enforceable under the civil law?

Do you have authority to decide your child's (fill in the blank)?

Is marriage a contract, a covenant, or neither?  If neither what responsibility do we have to teach our children about this before they enter into marriage?

What is the role of the American Psychological Association in Fatherhood?  Where do they help and where do they hurt?


Our Story

What percentage of father's don't want to see and care for their children?  Who is promoting a different narrative?

What percentage of children live in a home with no father?

What rights are lost in family court?  Is this legal?

How did we get here?  What's the history?

What are the other cultural issues that are breaking up families?

What does God have to say about all of these issues?

Let us know what questions you have.  Who do you want to hear from?  Do you know someone we should interview on the podcast?  Is there an event you want us to promote?  Have you suffered from injustice in the family courts?  We want to hear your story!

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