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Key Issues

Fatherlessness is an epidemic hurting moms, kids, grandparents and the society as a whole.  According the the latest US census, 24 million children in America now live in a home in which the biological father is missing.  This is equates to 1/3 of all children.  There are many core issues adding to the problem.  "No-Fault" divorce encourages divorce, makes light of marriage and eliminates accountability within God's covenantal design.  Discussing God's design for marriage is not even an option in most schools.  Parental alienation is when a child has been manipulated into showing unwarranted fear or hostility towards a parent or other family member.  Children are convinced to hate half of themselves by the other half of themselves.  This destroys children from the inside and it is a severe form of child abuse.  Parental alienation is not formerly recognized by the courts because of their reliance on psychology which is managed by the highly political APA (American Psychological Association).  Because of the move towards secularism psychology has replaced roles formerly occupied in society by the church.  Psychology has yet to decide how to handle many of these roles and sadly the church continues to abdicate its former leadership position.  The free exercise of religion has been limited to what you believe instead of how you live. The contracts clause of the constitution does not cover marriage.  Family courts allow one parent to gain monopolistic control of children.  Family law regularly violates major articles of the Bill of Rights. You can not get a jury of your peers in the family court of most states.
Title IV and Child Protective Services (CPS) take children from parents without a warrant. There are unintended consequences and the fall out from these abuses.  This leads to what is called "Child Trafficking". The list goes on and on.
We want to keep the main thing the main thing but each guest we have on the show is going to have a different story to tell.  In all things we want to seek God's will for these tragedies.  Knowing he is sovereign he calls to us to act.  How should we respond.  Where is the Gospel in these stories?  How does it point to our need for a savior?