F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)…continued from Home Page


Frequently asked questions

Q - Why not Saving Family?  What about Moms?
A - By saving fatherhood we save moms, kids, and families.  There is no mother without a father and there is no father without a mother.
Q - What about families that do not believe in God?
A - God believes in you and he cares about your family. We hope that the brokenness you have suffered
trying to care for your family without Jesus will point you to your need for a savior. We want to help you find hope for your broken family with God’s intervention.  If you fill out this contact form we will call you to discuss how we can help. 
Q - When is the Podcast broadcast?
A - The Podcast is pre-recorded and in 2021 this will happen weekly.  You can have it automatically downloaded to your phone by using a “pod catcher” like Apple podcasts, Stitcher or Google podcasts.
Q - Do you answer questions on the podcast? 
A – The show is not live but we can answer questions directly or on the show if you prefer.  If you have a question for a past guest of the show, we can facilitate that as well.
Q - How do I become a guest on the show? 
A - Fill out the Pre-Interview questionnaire by following this link. 
Q – How do you financially support the show and support for families?
A – The show is self-funded by volunteers who donate their own time talent and treasure.  We also sell t-shirts to try and offset expenses and we never charge anyone for counseling. 
Q – What sort of counseling or help do you provide for broken families?
A – We pair up potential disciples who need counseling for various needs with people who can help.  If you need help or want to help others we want
Q – If I need help trying to keep my family together who do I call?
A – We have a Biblical Counseling intake form that you should fill out.