Even Huffpo sees the problem with no-fault divorce

If you are not familiar with no-fault divorce the Huffington Post article listed below gives a succinct explanation.  The title from the article states the base problem everyone should understand.  The article title is, “The Inherent Unfairness of No Fault Divorce When You are Married to a Jerk”.  The author is Lynn Toler.  I won’t repeat Ms. Toler’s content here please read the article.  She is basically arguing that No-Fault divorce is unfair and we agree with her.

We expect to have a podcast in the near future on no-fault divorce.  Beyond the basic unfairness of no-fault divorce we will discuss the origins, the reasoning, and the process that brought us no-fault divorce.  We’ll discuss the ramifications and most importantly what we believe God would have to say about this.





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