Saving Fatherhood – Hope for Broken Families

Are you interested in serving along side our team as part of Saving Fatherhood?  We have several opportunities for you to participate.  We welcome all types of members who will stand with us to bring hope to broken families.  All membership types require registration for our newsletter and other communications.  This will allow you to post or comment on the website.  There are three types of memberships. 


1. PRAYER PARTNER – Please consider praying for our broken families and for this podcast.  Pray that the Lord would use us and all our members, friends, and families to comfort those with family discord of all kinds. 


  1. Notification of group prayer needs
  2. Ability to post or comment on podcasts and articles
  3. Unrestricted access to member content.
  4. Donations are optional.

2.  Advocate / Volunteer – We believe God is big, bigger than we can imagine.  We believe he has big goals for this ministry, and we hope you feel led to serve alongside us.   Can you come along with us with time, talent, or treasure?  Does he want to use you to financially bless this ministry and help us bring the gospel to broken families? 


  1. The link above is under construction but you can still DONATE

Can you do any of the following? Can you give us a couple hours a month?

If you have treasure to donate it may be to support some of the activities of the roles below.  It may be to support things we have not thought of and we are open to ideas.  We are currently looking for team members to work the following roles. 

  • Social Media Manager – spreads the word about podcasts and other events on social media.  Engages prospective members at various levels.
    • If this doesn’t sound important it should!!!
    • It’s incredibly time consuming posting to various social media sites to announce podcasts.
    • We need you!!
  • Writer/Reporter – Do you have a heart for Jesus and for broken families?  Register as a writer/reporter and bring articles and or interviews to Saving Fatherhood.
    • Articles can be about anything related to families or fatherhood.
    • Articles must be written from a Christian worldview and you must be a born again believer in Jesus Christ.  
  • Fund Raiser Manager– Do you have a gift for fund raising?  Do you believe in our cause?  Let’s talk about your fund-raising ideas and how our community can support your ideas.
    • While we accept donations, we’re not pushing for donations.
    • We would like to get people to partner with us in purchasing things they use anyway with us.
    • Let’s talk about your fundraising ideas.
  • Policy Advocate – Research legislation and current events, providing information for articles and podcasts that is accurate and timely.  Deep diving into historical problems with family court, local and national regulations and policies that impact family court victims. 
    • There is news out there every day about families and Fatherhood.
    • Are you already tracking how the traditional family is under attack every day?
    • Can you bring your passion to Saving Fatherhood and share the work you’re already doing anyway?
  • Biblical Research – Study and report on psychological counseling in use for family therapy situations. Evaluate and compare to Biblical Counseling methods. Convert psychological language into biblical terms. Report on findings.
    • We have a desire to take the research from parental alienation experts and convert their findings into solutions that are biblically sound.
    • Example – Narcissism is frequently blamed when a custodial parent targets the non-custodial parent by putting a wedge between the targeted parent and the child.
    • Your job (should you choose to accept it) – research biblical terminology and verses to back up your conclusions, translating secular research into biblical solutions.
    • In this example you might start with what sins does the term narcissist imply? Does that term have multiple meanings?
  • Donors – All efforts to serve require financial support. We have our expenses mostly paid but we lack in resources that could let us serve more broadly with greater effectiveness. Would you join with us for a small or large monthly pledge? Our Donor Box Platform will accept monthly automatic payments as well as one time donations. A $5 per month donation allows us to plan and is actually more valuable than a $60 one time pledge.
Click the Box above to become a Monthly or One Time Donor / Supporter


Our greatest prayer is that God would use us to bless broken families.  Jesus tells us how to do this in Matthew 28.  Jesus says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always to the end of the age.”

Saving Fatherhood believes there is only way to stop the epidemic of Fatherlessness.  We need to make disciples.  How do we do that?  We share God’s word.  Saving Fatherhood’s podcasts will be focusing on the role of the “Biblical Counselor” in 2021.  You may be surprised to learn that Biblical counseling is not limited to pastors or Christians that have obtained any certain level of knowledge from Biblical study.  We are all equipped to share God’s word with someone struggling with anything.  Even the saint who is only read a few passages of the bible or heard a single sermon where God’s word was preached can disciple anyone who can be blessed by God’s word. 

Do you believe that God is sovereign over all things having control and dominion over everything in creation?  Do you believe this includes the suffering you or another person you care about may be going thru?  Do you also believe that God loves you more than any human has loved you or ever will love you?  Do you believe he is working out all things for good even when our personal experiences may seem otherwise?  


If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, you have the ability to be a biblical counselor that can disciple broken families.  These families need to learn how to answer yes to these questions, to put their personal desires aside and serve their families in the name of Jesus.  In fact you probably already do but you don’t refer to it as that. You’re just loving your neighbor.


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