Candace Owens says, “Father absence is one of the Biggest Epidemics we are facing in America.”

So what?

Well, I was just watching this video posted by my friend and a former guest on the Saving Fatherhood Podcast, Jeff Morgan. He is sharing a little clip from Candace Owens. First of all I want you to go read the notes on Jeff’s YouTube post and please sign up to listen to his videos. If you are not familiar with the statistics on Fatherlessness you need to go read those on Jeff’s post first.

Candace Owens is talking about the problem that the black community has with father’s being absent in the home. The statistics in that community are devastating. Jeff points out that black fatherlessness was a crisis in the 60’s at 20% of all homes. It’s now over 75% of black homes that are fatherless.

Ms. Owens points out that plantations made sure that slaves were kept separate from their families. She calls out leftists / atheists that push a narrative that having children and obeying God’s first commandment to be fruitful and multiply is somehow violating the new morality being pushed by the environmentalists. I’ll call them earth, sun and moon worshipers.

There is no difference between these modern pagans and the pagans of the past. There is nothing new under the sun people.

I felt compelled to write today because we have a new holiday. Juneteenth, celebrating the end of slavery. Really? You know family courts are cranking out slaves every day. And statistically it’s black folks that are taking it the hardest.

Honestly, I get so frustrated with all the racist talk from the left. Hypocrites claiming their wokeness and by how they define it they are anything but woke. I don’t want any statisticians writing down my race. I don’t want to participate in that. I think its racist just to think its a good thing to take statistics that include the color of your skin like that defines you. It does not. Being made in the image of God is the only thing that defines you besides what you do with that knowledge.

Today we have slavery everywhere. Coming out of this pandemic, you should know how enslaved we really are. The question is what are you going to do about it. Maybe you are asking, what can I do about it. Stay tuned. If you are asking let us know you want to do something about it.