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WARNING - Saving Fatherhood LLC does not recommend any psychologists or psychological counseling as adequate because of the subjective and often anti-Christian bias included in many psychological views.  That being said, some categories of research have not been studied outside of researchers who hold psychological degrees.  This warning is not meant to demean the hard work or dedication of people willing to sit down and listen to the problems of others.  It is however a warning to test all spiritual advice as that and against scripture.

Please take time to write reviews for the books we have up or suggest books for that category.  Some of the categories are limited in what we can recommend or we haven't recommended any of the books that are listed.  You can write these reviews from this main page or on any of the book category pages.  It's the same landing page so you need to fill out the name of the book and the category.  If you have books you think we should read just write a review for that book and we'll add it.  Review writing makes you a member of the Saving Fatherhood community.  Being a member entitles you to our thanks and newsletter access.  Additionally we hope to bring you additional benefits in the future.


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Child Abductions by Government Agencies
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Parental Alienation Survival Coach, Monica Giglio
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Psychologists who study Parental Alienation
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