Arizona Legislature votes for violating the fourth amendment.

The link above takes you to Medical Kidnap’s reporting of the Arizona legislature’s decision to block reforms that would have stopped ongoing violations of the fourth amendment.  Medical Kidnap offers a great summary of the proposed amendments.  What was striking to me was the complete lack of interest in the reporting that not one warrant was issued last year in the State of Arizona for a Department of Child Safety child seizure.  I think I need to repeat that.  The DCS or Department of Child Safety group never once thought it was necessary to follow the fourth amendment of the constitution which protects citizens from unlawful searches and seizures.  They also voted against what looks like a lot of good changes.  I’m posting this out mostly because I run into a lot of people who think these sort of seizures are rare.  Some people even think it only happens to people who “deserve” to have their children taken away.  No American citizen deserves to have their constitutional rights violated especially when it comes to ripping their babies out of their arms.  According to the Arizona Depart of Child Safety’s semiannual child-welfare report for the year ended June 30, 2016 the number of children removed from their home was 13,132.  This number was cited from The Repbul

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