7 Minutes to understand Parental Alienation

Several months ago Saving Fatherhood shared this video and it was very popular. Because Parental Alienation is still such a mystery to so many I’ve chosen to post this again. I talk to many people about various topics in the struggle to help broken families and this one comes up again and again. I’m reminded that many people working in the family court don’t know the basics. This video is the most concise explanation for someone who has never heard of parental alienation.

If you know someone struggling in marital strife with kids please take 7 minutes to watch this for them. This is powerful information you can use to save a marriage. Early in the destruction of any relationship we make choices. Those choices usually lack perspective. As fallen creatures we are all selfish, seeking to preserve various things that are no where near as important as our children. Many of us think that we can escape a less than perfect spouse without harming our children. It’s not true. Please don’t hear what I’m not saying. There are many times that a divorce can not or should not be prevented. But even in those situations. God gave your children two parents and if both parents desire a relationship with that child, that needs to be preserved because its the right of the child. Why is it the child’s right? Because God says that’s what’s best for the child.

You can really make an impact by sharing this video. I’m not asking for more shares on Facebook. That’s a good thing of course but I’m suggesting that this video can be a tool for evangelism. If you could sit down with a couple who is struggling to love each other, share this video. Let them know what could happen to their kids if they don’t focus on self sacrificing love for one another. We all struggle to see our own sin. It’s offensive in polite society to suggest that we are all sinful and in need of a savior. If you meet a couple like that. Two people consumed with defending their rights instead of defending the rights of their spouse. Use this video. Your conversation could go something like this.

You: Hey Bill and Betty, thanks for having me over today.

Bill: We’re always glad to have you, you mentioned you wanted to share something with us.

Betty: I think you mentioned a video that could help our marriage.

You: I’m so glad that you both want to work on your marriage and I’m praying for you an your children regularly.

Bill: Thank you. We may not pray but we appreciate that you do.

Betty: We especially appreciate that you pray for our children.

You: Bill and Betty, we’ve been neighbors a while and I was really sad to hear you were considering divorce.

Bill: Neither of us really want to divorce…

Betty: But sometimes we think it might be the best thing for the kids. To not see us fight so much. You know?

You: Do you think you’ll fight less if you’re apart? Won’t you just be creating bigger problems?

Bill: Sometimes divorce just happens.

You: The Bible says, nothing just happens.

Bill: Are you saying God will control us?

You: Completely the opposite. He will allow you to make very bad choices. He offers love and guidance but he obviously isn’t forcing us to accept it.

Betty: So how bad can our choices be? What’s the worst thing that can happen?

You: That’s exactly what this video will show you. But remember Jesus wants to forgive all our bad choices so let’s keep that in mind as we watch.