38 – Preview of the December 4th FAN PAC – Parental Alienation Event.

Tonight your Saving Fatherhood host speaks with Julie “X” attorney at large, a certified mediator and family court reform advocate with mediation experience in the New Jersey family court system. Julie is a member of FAN PAC – Family Advocate Network – Political Action Committee.

This is a two part discussion discussing

  1. FAN-PAC event on December 4th at 7 PM. Please register on the FAN PAC website –
    Speaker 1 – DR. LYNN STEINBERG, PH.D. (Parental Alienation)
    Speaker 2 – DR. JEFF GARDERE, PH.D. – AMERICA’S PSYCHOLOGIST (PTSD – Family Systems)
    Q&A Session – the majority of the event.
  2. Benefits of membership in FAN-PAC
    – Legislative initiatives

Show mentions –
Dr. Miller and this link was discussed.