36 – Family Law 2.0 with Aaron Wemple

Today’s episode is a conversation wtih Aaron Wemple, founder of Clean Law a new way to navigate family courts.
You can purchase Aaron’s book on Amazon – HERE.
or directly from the CleanLaw.Today website.

About today’s guest Aaron Wemple

Aaron W. Wemple is an author, social entrepreneur at Clean Law, and co-founder of CLU family trial research and support group.

          As an entrepreneur, Aaron’s venture Clean Law started off with the dream of every child having a family. So, his team went to work developing a safer private network (SPN), which includes a child safety file system, or what’s called Family Law 2.0. And to accomplish the goal of every child having a family, the company donates all proceeds from product licensing Family Law 2.0 to CLU parents who are in desperate need of a right to be represented in classical family law courts when they are indigent, a right to bail policy when accusations are made, and encouragement to bear their own family sustainability crosses. Especially when they’re unwillingly involved in decades of divorce protocols. Clean Law provides a safer experience for families through military deployments, quarantines, divorce, and other life-altering trials.

          Clean Law is grateful for many achievements, including:

  • Provided free community resources
    • Rewarding family connection-keeping milestones
    • “My Lead Style” smartphone app
    • Seven books on Amazon
    • Numerous TV interviews, speaking engagements, and articles

          published in other professional publications. 

          Before devoting his life to Christ and their vision of Clean Law, Aaron served as the facility administrator of the Old King’s Orchard Community Center in Decatur, IL, a co-founder of Clean Law Union (CLU) family trial group, and a member of Sheet Metal Workers Union. He teaches the Bible at Water Street Mission homeless shelter and writes grants for Decatur Cares Rescue Missions.

          Aaron has an education in electrical engineering and psychology, which turned out to be a perfect blend for his product. Now their peer-to-peer team makes clean law & clarity for improved peace of mind and next-generation safety.