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35 Custody DeniedMaryann Petri - talks about Custody Denied on Saving Fatherhood

MARYANN PETRI, author of the new book called, “Dismantling Family Court Corruption.” Subtitle, Why taking the Kids was not enough.


  1. False allegations which brought her into this mess.
  2. The family court motive was to take away the kids (motive is child support)
    a. They didn’t want to hear about that
    b. Couldn’t work being around kids.
    c. Can’t work no money.
  3. Debtors prison!
  4. Heart Attack 5 months later.
    a. Wouldn’t adjust child support.
  5. Canadian Film producer to make a movie about the book!
  6. Are Narcissists irredeemable?
  7. Female version of Job?
  8. Pennsylvania HB 1397 – In favor of 50/50 shared parenting
    • Are you in favor of equal shared parenting?
    • Was the bill written properly in your opinion?
    • Accountability for Judges.


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