30 – Bill Wojenski’s Letter to Dr. Phil

Bill W's appeal to Dr Phil

If you already understand how cruel parental alienation can be on a parent you’ll appreciate the tenacity of Bill Wojenski. If you don’t yet know parental alienation is one of the most gut wrenching, heart breaking experiences a parent can face. In many cases your child acts as though you are dead to them although they are not. That scenario didn’t stop Bill Wojenski from fighting to see his daughters every weekend for 4 hours via supervised visitation for the last 10 years. There were many other hurdles that you can read about in the letter below. This letter was also read on the podcast. The letter was mailed to Dr. Phil about a week ago.


Dear Dr Phil, I am writing you on the suggestion of several female friends of mine who are quite familiar with my case. This started in late 2010 when my fiancé of 7 years walked out on me for another man. At that time the girls were 2 weeks shy of their third birthday. She stated right up front that I would never see my girls again and has devoted her life to that.

I filled and received joint custody; neither of us was to move out of state. Several years later she moved 3 hours away to upstate PA, the courts never did anything about that to this day.

At the age of 4, at the request of the girls I filed for and won overnight visits with my girls. After court, on the same day, she marched the girls into DYFUS and accused me of molesting them. DYFUS ran with this and it took me years to get a “no Finding” (no cause to or reason to pursue) verdict.

Eventually the courts assigned a reunification therapist to bring the girls back into my life. She sabotaged all efforts and when I was to meet the girls for the first time in 5 years it was a disaster.  They went from hanging by daddy’s side, never wanting to be away from me to terrified at the sight of me. They screamed when they first saw me and I could hear the mothers sister say “Don’t worry; we won’t let him hurt you”. Obviously the girls were brain washed in those 5 years of separation.  The visit was cut short after it was obvious it wasn’t going to work. There were numerous reports to the courts about the mother from the reunification Doctor.

Later it was determined that I could have supervised visitations, supervised at my request, and we started doing that supervised by a Doctor every Saturday for 4 hours. It started out ok and continued on for over two years. It progressed at a downward spiral until it was deemed appropriate to cancel further visits by the Doctor. His reports to the courts were very positive of me and very damming of the mother’s attitude and behavior. When the girls found out that there brother, my son, William Wojenski JR had passed at the age of 22, they said to me “One less Wojenski in the world is a good thing”. They were 11 at that time. The Doctor heard them say that to me and reported it to the courts.

I am still in a battle to help my girls. We have been through 6 judges; there is no continuity in this case. I have another hearing coming up in about two weeks. I’m not sure if this will gain either my girls or I any movement forward. In November when they turn 14 they can and will at the direction of the mother tell the judge that they no longer want to see me. At that point I will never have contact with them again.

I have no communication with the girls; don’t have access to the schools, the doctors or treatments and anything else that I should be entitled to despite having joint custody.

The mother from what I have been told is having them treated for Post Traumatic Distress and moves them from Doctor to Doctor looking for a finding that they have been abused.

I have been railroaded and my poor girls have been horribly abused by the system. This is not uncommon in the state of NJ, what is uncommon is my steadfast refusal to give up on them. My girls did not choose to come into this world, but it is my job to see that they have a loving childhood and the tools to succeed in life. As you well know, alienated children have a very high rate of suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse and tend towards promiscuity at an early age.

Possibly if some attention from a prominent person like you shone the light on my case, the proper course of action could be set forward. As it stands, I fully expect that come November 27th, 2020 when they turn 14, the light in their eyes will be extinguished forever. At that point it will be 10 years of court battles and many, many thousands of dollars spent.

Please, if there is any way that you could help, it would be much appreciated. My little girl’s future depends on a positive outcome.

There is plenty of documentation to back up my case.

Thank you

William Wojenski

This letter was mailed to Dr. Phil at the following address:

Dr. Phil McGraw
325 N. Larchmont Blvd., Suite 602
Los Angeles, CA, 90004

Now that you’ve heard Bill’s story we want to ask for your help. Would you write a short note to Dr. Phil as well? A letter with a hand written address on the envelope is the most effective.
Why should you? Bill’s girls are about to turn 14 and he’s desperate. Listen to the podcast and you’ll hear about the long trial that he’s endured. If you are an alienated parent you’ll know how hard it is to hang on this long.
Of course what we need for Bill more than anything is prayer so if you would please pray that we would get some help from Bill from the courts, from Dr. Phil or in any way our Heavenly Father would intervene to help him to continue to have some sort of relationship with his girls.
If you don’t know what to write, I’ll give you an idea by typing the letter I’m sending below.

Dr. Phil McGraw

325 N. Larchmont Blvd., Suite 602

Los Angeles, CA, 90004

Re: Bill Wojenski, Burlington, NJ

Dear Dr. Phil,

My name is Joe Gormley and I have the privilege of writing you today on behalf of a father who needs your help to keep seeing his two daughters.  I’ve known Bill for a couple of years.  We both attend a parental alienation support group together in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  This man has been fighting to keep contact with his two daughters for over 10 years.  This is no small feat in a parental alienation situation.  He’s facing incredible adversity from his ex, the family court bureaucracy, and the amount of time he’s lost while he’s only had 4 hours a week of supervised visitation with his girls.  He’s even had to battle multiple false allegations of abuse.  After extensive investigations the local Child Protective Services organization in New Jersey determined that these allegations of abuse were false. 

I know lots of other Dad’s that have given up after just a couple years of fruitless supervised visitation.  To Bill’s credit he’s become even more determined to protect his daughters and be there for them in any way he can.  While it’s not a written law, he’s afraid that when they turn 14 he will be unable to see them.  Many judges use consider this age to be the time to give the children more input but if the children have truly been alienated this is child abuse.  Their fourteenth birthday is coming up soon.

Bill goes to court 2 to 3 times a year, every year for the last 10 years.  During that time, he’s been pushed around to six different judges who all thought his case had merit.  His case is just needs a little publicity to get someone in the courts to take notice that this case has been mismanaged.  I’m also an alienated Dad and I wish I was writing you to say there was a way you could help me, but you cannot.  That’s why I’m so excited to write on Bill’s behalf.  You will make a big impact here if you bring Bill on your show. He is not a father that should be stripped of his parental rights.  Please take the time to respond to Bill Wojenski.


Joseph Gormley


[email protected]


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