24 – Christians for Equal Shared Parenting with Mark Ludwig

Tonight’s guest Mark Ludwig

As the founder of The Americans For Equal Shared Parenting (AFESP) Mark Ludwig wanted to be the best parent he could be to his son, Levi.

After going through his own experience and learning of other parents that had been relegated to weekend visitors, he decided to use his background in politics to effect change in the current Family Court system.

Mark has brought more unity to the shared parenting movement, aka family rights movement, formerly known as the family rights movement and he gives all the Glory to his Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Tonight, we are honored to have Mark join us on Saving Fatherhood. 

Key topics discussed on this episode.

 – Reception within the political Christian Right regarding shared parenting 

 – Opponents and their strategies to Christians in the shared parenting movement 

 – Christians for Equal Shared Parenting, What, Why & How

New Facebook group started by Mark and Americans for Equal Shared Parenting – Please join and like –

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Announcements –

JULY 30, 2019

In Princeton NJ – We are looking for Alienated parents that would like to be interviewed by the Magazine “The Atlantic”.  If you want to attend, please register on the meetup page in the show notes for this episode. 

AUGUST 5, 2019
Look for our next South Jersey SPEAKW meeting –this is a Support Group for Alienated Parents – meets at 7PM on August 5th   at the Mt. Laurel NJ Wegmans cafeteria.  A link to sign up on Meetup.com is provided in the show notes.  (THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE AUGUST 19)

South Jersey SPEAKW Parental Alienation Meetup

Marlton, NJ
37 Members

The Goals and Objectives of Speak Worldwide Education-Groups are: Educate: Help parents understand the dynamics of what is happening to their children via approved materials f…

Next Meetup

SPEAKW Support group for Alienated Parents (1st and 3rd Mond…

Monday, Aug 5, 2019, 7:00 PM
1 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

August 17, 2019

The New York Father’s Rights Movement will host a rally in Albany, New York. Guest speakers include – Thomas Fidler, Fouder of the Father’s Rights Movement, Jessie West of Dad’s Can too and Mark Ludwig (tonight’s guest) and founder of AFESP – American’s for Equal Shared Parenting.   
Thomas Fidler, founder

More details are available at –  

You can also meet connect with tonight’s guest Mark Ludwig on the following pages –

The American’s for Equal Shared Parenting Website –  https://afesp.com

Twitter – @afesp5050

Email – Info@afesp.com

The AFESP facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/afesp5050/

Join Mark for weekly facebook live events on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7 PM CST.