16 – My child was taken because I am a Christian.

I usually know what I’m going to call an episode before we record it.  There were several good options before interviewing Michael S. Sayen about his book, “The Cure for Divorce In the Kingdom of God”.  Usually I just slap up the book cover for the author but not this time.  His inspiration for writing the book was compelling.  As a Christian going thru divorce he wanted to know how God viewed divorce.  He wanted to be obedient to God’s word and he took that seriously.
Even more compelling was the punishment he received for writing about God’s word.  Sadly no good deed goes unpunished in family court.  His desire to honor and obey God by seeking his will to see if he had biblical grounds for a divorce ended up costing him his child.  On today’s episode we’ll review his book but we’ll also hear the horrific details about how Michael’s book was used as an weapon to keep him from his child.  Michael S. Sayen lost his God-given right to be a parent because he is a Christian.

Link to Purchase – “The Cure for Divorce in the Kingdom of God”.


“You have written an excellent explanation of Biblical marriage. Every pastor should read this and give it to every couple before marriage.” – Bill Gothard (BillGothard.com)

“Sometimes it seems that the Church is as confused as the Pharisees regarding the matter of divorce. Here is a great study on what the Bible actually says including what Jesus taught.” – Dr. James R. Russom, DMin. (Nazarene Bible College) Director Pastoral Ministries Programs

“This book is well written; the academic prose should not put anyone off, as this is a serious subject matter. I found the discussion helpful and the conclusions are put forward respectfully and with further discussion in mind. Recommended!” – Rev. Robert Saler Ph.D (Christian Theological Seminary) Executive Director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence

“Do Christians get a divorce and remarry? What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? This is a must read for those seeking clarity for this perplexing question.” – Dr. Larry Cornine (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

“I have been working through your book for the last couple of hours, and I am impressed with the effort that you have expended.  This is an issue where I have not done a lot of work, so I don’t feel qualified to make judgment calls about some of your points.  But all in all, it’s a careful work and worthy of consideration.” – Dr. John Bechtle (The Ezra Project) Experienced Professor and Writer

“I thought it was especially relevant to emphasize how counter-cultural the Biblical view of marriage would have been to the Gentiles as the Judeo-Christian ethic challenged their assumptions and practices.  It seems to me that this background is vital to interpreting Paul’s teachings on marriage and divorce. I agree with your analysis of Matthew and Mark’s accounts of Jesus’ teaching on divorce and adultery particularly as it addresses the exception clause question. I also agree that you have correctly analyzed Paul’s teaching in the relevant Corinthian passages.” – M.Div. Ronnie J. Woolard (Mid~Atlantic Christian University) Professor of Bible

“I could find no theological errors in your work, and your reasoning from scripture seems ironclad, however there must be room for grace and forgiveness for past sins.” – Dr. William Watson (Colorado Christian University) Professor of Global History

“I had the chance to read your paper more carefully. I have to say that you offer new insights to the question of divorce and remarriage.” – Professor Alexandre Oliveros (Abilene Christian University) College of Biblical Studies

Please look at Michael S Sayen’s other book – After a divorce “Remarriage & Adultery”



Announcement #1 –

The NEXT Burlington County SpeakW Parental Alienation Support Group is this Monday September 24th.   If you know anyone in South Jersey or the Greater Philadelphia Area please have them contact me at JoeG@SavingFatherhood.org.

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2nd Meeting

Monday, Sep 24, 2018, 7:00 PM

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6:30 – Doors Open 7:00 – Welcome / Announcements 7:15 – Introductions 7:30 Video Presentations from Parental Alienation Survival Coach 8:00 Group Discussion Questions 8:30 Additional Discussion (open) 9:00 Close with Bible Verse and Prayer

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Announcement #2  – 50/50 SHARED PARENTING BILL

If  you are a New Jersey registered voter please use this link to send letters to your state representatives and ask them to support the 50/50 shared parenting bill that can prevent several types of parental alienation.  More importantly children deserve the two parents God gave them no matter how we judge those people.


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