08 Episode 08 – Candidate for NJ Governor Matt Riccardi on Multiple Topics

Matt Riccardi - NJ Gubernatorial CandidateMatt Riccardi Constitution Candidate for Governor - on Saving Fatherhood

Matt Riccardi has distinguished himself as a unique candidate in the race for NJ’s Governor. He is the only pro life candidate in NJ. It seems unbelievable that at least one of the two “big” parties wouldn’t have a pro life candidate but as Matt explains it goes much deeper than that. Matt explains how he’s really the only candidate that cares about the Constitution. Saving Fatherhood is a big fan of the Constitution and we need all politicians to start following it. We would especially appreciate if the Constitution was followed when it came to family law. And that would mean eliminating the family court system that is splitting families apart daily.

Can Matt Riccardi take the NJ Governor race? If there was a year it could be done it is now. What would following the Constitution actually mean for New Jersey? What would it mean for NJ families? Find out. Click on the media player above.

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  1. Very good interview. I appreciate Mr. Riccardi’s ambition and willingness legally binding himself to results. I wish him well! God speed my friend. Something else that he could consider is a parent committee and licensing authors like we’re doing in
    Illinois. The thing with licensed authors is that courtroom contracts and policy bills which are written by licensed authors are written by people who have experienced the problem that those deals are advertising to fix. This way, it not only chains policy making to the ground and fulifills the Lord’s Least Commandments, but it inherently prevents gaming those systems. Plus, it incintives morality, constitutionality, and the way, the truth, and the light! God bless you my friends!

  2. Never have citizens had an option like Matt. I hope they take advantage of this unique moment in time and have the courage to vote for an honest man of constitutional principle.

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